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Why would one want to do so much for correct pronunciation of Chinese?
There are several factors to consider. Maybe the weightiest reason would be that the native Chinese speakers appreciate correct pronunciation far more than correct grammar. That is quite reasonable, just consider what the benefit of having perfectly correct grammar is, if none of the words is understood.
Second, if you get the pronunciation wrong from the beginning, it will be a lot harder to correct later. What adds to that point, is the fact that Chinese pronunciation does have a few similarities with English, but it does also have quite a few difficult differences.
My third good reason is a bit softer, but not to be neglected though. When you have good pronunciation, the Chinese will commend you for speaking their language very clearly and being easy to understand, adding to your self-confidence, and encouraging you to continue extending your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.
All these benefits of good pronunciation can be enjoyed using the mandarin2u E-Learning, it allows you to hear how to pronounce. Through this website it is even possible now, to learn chinese pronunciation online.
By imitating the sound with the pronunciation description in mind, you will soon master Mandarin Chinese.
Probably one of the most fascinating languages in the world.
Obviously, speaking Chinese is only useful when dealing with Chinese people, but there are about a billion of them and the country is opening up. You can argue that this is the language of the future, with huge untapped markets for so many things that the need for Western people speaking Chinese can only go up

Learn Mandarin Chinese with Us

There is an age old Chinese proverb that says ‘the journey is the reward’. We will take you on journey of discovery as you learn Mandarin Chinese, one of the oldest and culturally rich languages of the world.
The destination is not important. You may want to learn Chinese to work or study in China, or just to chat with Chinese friends. You may want to learn Chinese to get more from a holiday or business trip to China. Or you may just want to increase your knowledge and understanding of new languages and cultures. No matter to what extent you choose to learn Mandarin Chinese, your learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere.

What about the Chinese writing?

No need to learn Chinese Characters. This writing system is as old as China itself, and each Chinese character is full of rich historical and cultural significance. To gain competence in Chinese writing requires a lot of dedicated study, even for Chinese students! Thankfully when you start to learn Mandarin Chinese, it is not necessary to learn the Chinese characters to start communicating.

Chinese school children using Pinyin

Chinese children using Pinyin
Learn Chinese using the English alphabet. Pinyin is the method of writing Chinese in the letters of the English alphabet. It is the starting point for millions of Chinese schoolchildren every year as they start their formal education. Our approach means that you will learn Chinese online easily using Pinyin. This allows you to focus your efforts on listening to and speaking Chinese from the beginning. You might be surprised at how soon you can be reading and writing Chinese.
The tones in Chinese. You might have heard about the 4 tones in Chinese. A word in Chinese may have different meanings depending on the tone of your voice as you say the word. You already know how to use the tone of your voice to change the meaning of a sentence. For example the sentence “You’re going to China” is a simple statement of fact. By changing the tone of your voice you can also create two new meanings. By raising your tone and saying “You’re going to China?”, you are changing the sentence into a question. By sharpening your tone and saying “You’re going to China!”, you are now giving an order.
Tone marks. The 4 tones are shown in Pinyin by using one of the 4 tone marks over a vowel.
Chinese pronunciation is quite difficult, largely because there are four tones (so that words with the same sounds can have different meanings depending on whether your voice goes up or down or stays at the same level). However, if you don’t get the tones quite right, you will still be understood.

Why learn Chinese?

The world’s most spoken language. Learn Mandarin Chinese to communicate with the 845 million first language speakers mainly in China, Taiwan and Singapore. There are also significant numbers of people who speak Chinese as a second language throughout the world. China is blessed with some of the richest lands in the world, and is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Today China is the most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people, approximately one-fifth of the world’s population.

Fastest growing major economy

Learn Chinese for your career
China’s large and growing economy. Learn Chinese to position yourself to benefit from the rise of the world’s second largest economy, second only to the US. China overtook Japan as the world’s second largest economy in 2010. China has been the fastest-growing major economy for the past 30 years with an average annual GDP growth rate above 10%. Many people are now choosing to learn Mandarin Chinese as international companies are moving quickly to gain a foothold in the Chinese domestic market.
Develop your skills. As China shifts towards spending its vast foreign currency reserves domestically, many top international firms are securing contracts in the fields of engineering, energy, transportation, healthcare, information technology, financial services and others. You can learn Chinese to gain some conversational ability and awareness of Chinese culture that may give you the competitive edge in this growing jobs market.
# In terms of native speakers, Mandarin is the number one language worldwide.
# Over the last hundred years, China has been a country of revolutions, and the current economic revolution is perhaps as important as any: never before in human history have so many people seen such a rapid transformation in their economic fortunes. China is now set to become the world’s leading manufacturing nation, and perhaps one day its biggest economy.

Chinese Mandarin for Children

Interest in Mandarin is soaring in Malaysia, as more and more people realize the importance of China as a trading partner. Now this might not seem particularly relevant to 7 or 8 year-olds, but in ten years’ time they may well see things differently. Schools are starting to catch on to the importance of Mandarin, but there is a shortage of suitable teachers, and provision is patchy. This may be your best opportunity of introducing your child to Mandarin.
Children While it’s true that the writing system of Chinese is tricky, the spoken language – which is what we concentrate on – is really not that hard. Children will have great fun with the four tones which are at the heart of the sound pattern, and will soon pick up an impressive basic vocabulary! If they are then able to continue to learn Mandarin later, they won’t be put off by the image of difficulty which the language sometimes has for adult learners!
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